As most of you know by now, Merlin Law Group has teamed up with other attorneys to file a class action lawsuit aimed at protecting the Gulf Coast from the effects of the massive BP oil spill. One thing that sets our suit apart from the others, is that we have requested emergency injunctive relief to force BP to take steps to protect our clients’ property before the oil hits, as well as seeking monetary damages for the financial catastrophe this has caused.

This lawsuit is personal for me because I have spent a large portion of my life roaming the beaches of the Panhandle, and part of my family, as well as a large number of people I am proud to call my friends, still live there.

Today I am excited to say that we have won a small battle in what appears will be a much larger war. Yesterday afternoon, Federal District Court Judge Casey Rogers issued two separate orders relating to our specific case. While Judge Rogers did grant BP’s request to stay the case until a final determination of venue is made by the Multi-District Litigation Panel, Judge Rogers also issued a second Order which grants our request for an emergency hearing on the preliminary injunction.

In accordance with the second Order, BP must respond to the request for injunctive relief by June 2, 2010, and the Court will hear arguments at an evidentiary hearing in Gainesville on June 18, 2010. This ruling is the first of its kind and, hopefully, will be the start of some relief for those affected by the massive oil spill.

A copy of this order is posted below, and you can find a copy of our Complaint here.