Following a major loss event, like a hurricane, insurance companies usually receive a higher volume of reported claims. When an insurance company is overwhelmed with the number of claims, the loss event is remotely located, or specialized knowledge is required, it generally hires independent adjusting firms to prepare an estimate of the damage. In adjusting insurance policy claims, independent adjusters represent the interest of the insurance company and prepare estimates at their direction.
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After the recent devastation left behind from Hurricane Irma, there is an immediate need for contracting services to repair and rebuild the damaged areas. As communities are struggling to rebuild, the memories and lessons learned from Hurricane Andrew are starting to fade. The catastrophic damage from Andrew lead to changes in the insurance industry and construction activities. The Florida Legislature recognized the need for public protection from dishonest contractors who solicited hurricane victims by offering unlicensed, unsafe, unstable, and unregulated products and services.
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An insurance agent’s claim of “cheaper” premiums could come with the risk of less coverage. A prudent condominium association must know what is required to be insured by law.
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