While the holiday season usually brings good tidings and cheer, condominium associations and residents insured by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation can expect coal in their stockings this year. Once again, the state’s largest insurer plans to increase rates to Florida condominium residents between 19 and 20.6 percent on average leaving many dismayed, especially since it has been over 5 years since the last major hurricane.Continue Reading Citizens Plans Large Rate Hike…..Again

When asked if something is ripe, one might immediately think of fruit that is ready to eat. Similarly, the legal term “ripeness” means the readiness of a case for litigation. While a simple smell test may be all that is needed for fruit, the ripeness of a legal case, an insurance claim, and a legal case about an insurance claim, require a little more analysis.Continue Reading When is an Insurance Claim Ready for Litigation?

We have written several times in the Condominium Insurance Law Blog regarding examinations under oath and their importance in the insurance claims process. In his July 3, 2010 post titled Examinations Under Oath Can Be Difficult For Associations, Corey Harris gave an excellent description of what an examination under oath is and what the process entails. Corey wrote that:

[A]nyone sitting for an EUO should remember that while it is not a “legal proceeding,” it is about as close as you can get. The insurance company’s representative asking the questions will undoubtedly be an attorney, and you should plan for some tough questions.

Continue Reading When Insurers Use Examination Under Oath to Harass the Witness