High rise condominiums next to the ocean are subject to storm surge and erosion. While rare, I have represented a number of condominiums that collapsed during a hurricane event. Continue Reading Why You Might Need Flood Insurance When You Live in a High Rise Condominium Next to the Ocean

Following a hurricane, hailstorm, or strong thunderstorm, property managers and association boards should not make the mistake of sending the maintenance employee as the only person to inspect for possible damage to the roof. Roof damages are difficult for untrained people to detect. Insurance companies send adjusters to specialized schools taught by roof damage specialists to learn how to determine if strong winds or hail damaged a roof. By not sending a trained roof damage specialist, millions of dollars can be lost as a result of roofs wearing out far sooner than expected or leaks developing from the previously unfound damage, causing damage to the roof underlayment and whatever is under the roof. Continue Reading Property Managers and Association Boards Need to Hire Experts to Inspect for Roof Damage

What should the Association do after the storm about the damage? This initial common question is important and invariably leads me to tell Association Boards to check the Association Declarations and By-Laws. Most have guidance about steps that must be followed. Continue Reading After The Storm—Does Your Condo Have to Hire an Engineer or Architect?

Brandon Lewis provided a speech at the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring meeting discussing the adjustment of condominium losses in Georgia. He noted the following statute in the Georgia Code regarding condominium insurance: Continue Reading Georgia Condominium Laws Require Rebuilding to Original Installation

A recent Colorado case judgment1 where a condominium lost its hailstorm lawsuit and had to pay the insurance company attorneys fees, caught my attention. The judge ruled that the Association’s claims expert could not testify because the expert lacked credentials and a scientific basis for opinions. Continue Reading Associations Should Hire Licensed Experts to Help with Property Insurance Claims

HO6 policies insure individual unit owners. These polices come in many forms and provide various levels of coverage. If you buy only on price and your agent sells you a “cheap” policy, you are going to be sorry when you have a loss. Continue Reading Condominium Owners Purchasing Insurance Beware! Buy The Right HO6 Policy From a Qualified Agent

Hurricane season is here. The Weather Channel’s 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook predicts another above-average season, meaning policyholders must take the time to ensure they are adequately prepared. Condominiums and other multi-family properties are strongly encouraged to safeguard their facilities and addresses any coverage gaps or underinsurance issues with their policy. Continue Reading 2021 Hurricane Season Is Here – Are You Covered?

Shower pan losses are common occurrences. For a Florida condominium owner who has a shower pan loss within their condominium, the homeowner’s policy usually covers the damages caused by the water but does not pay to repair the damaged or broken shower pan.1 However, what happens when the unit upstairs experiences a shower pan link that impacts your unit? Continue Reading Is a Shower Pan Leak Covered By Your Condominium Insurance?

A condominium can be defined as a single real estate unit in a multi-unit development in which a person has both separate ownership of a unit and a common interest, along with the development’s other owners, in the common areas.1 Insuring your condominium is often not so easy, especially since it usually requires that you are covered by both your condominium’s master policy and your own separate individual insurance policy. It’s important to closely review the condominium association’s declaration document, which details what real property the unit-owner is responsible for insuring separately. Continue Reading Understanding How Your Condominium Insurance Works—The Individual vs. Master Policy Coverages

Obtaining the proper insurance coverage for the association is one of the key duties of property managers and boards of directors. I once was giving a presentation at a national convention at the Condominium Associates Institute (CAI) with a co-presenter, Suzanne Harris. We were discussing the importance of obtaining the right insurance and selecting the right agent. Continue Reading The Big Tip For Making Certain Association Insurance Agent Is Getting The Right Coverage