When damages occur in condominiums a frequent dispute is how to determine if damages will be covered under the unit owner’s insurance policy or under the Board’s insurance policy for damages in common areas of the condominium. For example, in National Insurance Company v. Seguros Triple S,1 the Puerto Rico Appellate Court discussed this issue when water that escaped from a damaged bathroom of one of the unit apartments caused damage to the electric panel of the elevators of the condominium.

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On March 14, 2018, Caribbean Adjusters International hosted the “Condominium Insurance Forum” at the Marriott Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The forum was divided in two groups of panelists formed by adjusters, brokers, producers and local attorneys with special guest speakers such as Puerto Rico’s Insurance Commissioner (via Skype) and our own William “Chip” Merlin. Important topics were discussed related to claim issues for condominiums on the island.

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Continuing my state-by-state review of mandatory condominium insurance requirements, this post will look at Pennsylvania—the Keystone State.

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Some Florida condominium association board of directors might find themselves in the situation where they have adopted special assessments to pay for repairs related to Hurricane Irma. This might occur if the condominium’s master policy covers a loss, but the damage exceeds the coverage available in the building insurance policy. In this situation, the association may seek from individual unit owners a shared portion of the coverage that the underlying association insurance was insufficient to cover.

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It is important for insureds to know that Puerto Rico’s Condominium Act provides reimbursements for repairs considered “urgent” and made at their expense. This will only apply for urgent repairs needed in common areas of the condominium.

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Continuing my state-by-state review of mandatory condominium insurance requirements, this post will look at the Mountain State, West Virginia, whose motto is Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers are always free).

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Kentucky law requires that unit owners of a condominium form an association once the first unit is sold. The association must consist exclusively of all the unit owners of the condominium.

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In Tennessee, once the first unit of a condominium is conveyed, the condominium association must purchase an insurance policy. Associations should look to the Tennessee Code §66-27-413 to see what the insurance policy is required to cover.

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