At Merlin Law Group, P.A., our mission is to provide efficient and effective legal counsel, service, and advocacy to insurance policyholders and claimants. Our practice is focused on insurance law. Condominium losses are different from other commercial losses because there are typically different documents other than just the policy that control how the loss is going to be adjusted. Condominium by-laws have to be read in conjunction with the policy to ensure that everything required to be adjusted is considered.

Construction methodologies vary widely and have to be evaluated with detail because individual owner interests cannot be overlooked while repairing damaged property. Similar to Commercial policies, many Condominium Associations purchase coverage to help maintain revenue while the property is being repaired.

With Merlin Law Group’s years of experience and concentration on the rights of policyholders, we can help sort through the documents, the claims, the by-laws, and fight to maximize the recovery of what you are rightfully owed.