Many of you are familiar with the following scenario—an insurance claim is denied because there is no coverage. Subsequently, the insured pursues a claim against their insurance broker for failing to obtain the coverage requested and pursues damages against the insurance broker for the insurance coverage that would have been available but for the negligent conduct of the insurance broker.

However, what many of you may not be familiar with is a similar claim that can be made against the Home Owner Association (HOA) where the HOA is required to obtain specified types of insurance coverage for the benefits of its members (according to the terms and conditions of the of CC&Rs) but fails to do so.Continue Reading Homeowner Association Managers, Agents and Officers Beware – Check Insurance Requirements to Avoid Lawsuits From Individual Members!!

The City of Bradenton, Florida, sent a letter to all thirty-six units of a condominium building, stating that the six year old building had been found unsafe by the city fire marshal. The city ordered the residents to move out within seven days. To paraphrase one of the residents living in the building; imagine coming home to your condominium thinking about your evening or the weekend ahead, and then finding out that you only have seven days to move out and find a place to live.Continue Reading Residents Of A Florida Condominium Association Were Given A Week To Move Out Of The Building By The City After It Was Rendered Unsafe