Burdens of proof are always an important thing to understand in conducting an appropriate legal analysis, particularly as they relate to a coverage analysis in first-party property insurance claims. Shockingly, I have seen insurance company representatives who, when evaluating an insurance claim for coverage, do not fully understand the analysis under an all-risk policy form. This confusion can lead to litigation that may otherwise be unnecessary and can actually cause the insurance company additional costs above the amount of the claim.Continue Reading Would You Believe Some Insurance Company Representatives Do Not Understand The Parties’ Burdens Under An All-Risk Policy?

In the world of property insurance, there are two main types of policies, “all-risks” and “named perils”. Which type an association or unit owner has can have a large effect not only on the coverages provided but also the burdens that must be met to prove your claim in subsequent litigation. Therefore, it is important for all policyholders to be familiar with their policy before a loss occurs.Continue Reading What Type of Policy Do You Have And Why Does It Matter?