As most of you know by now, Merlin Law Group has teamed up with other attorneys to file a class action lawsuit aimed at protecting the Gulf Coast from the effects of the massive BP oil spill. One thing that sets our suit apart from the others, is that we have requested emergency injunctive relief to force BP to take steps to protect our clients’ property before the oil hits, as well as seeking monetary damages for the financial catastrophe this has caused.Continue Reading Court Grants Merlin Law Group’s Request For Emergency Hearing On Oil Spill Class Action

Our firm has been receiving calls from a large number of Florida condominium associations over the past few days regarding the increasing problems associated with the oil spill that is plaguing the gulf coast. I have a personal connection to this growing crisis. I spent a large portion of my life in Destin, Florida, and part of my family still lives and works in the area. Late last night, I flew to the panhandle to see what our firm could do to help.Continue Reading Florida Condominiums Are Already Feeling the Effect of the Gulf Oil Spill