Most property insurance companies take too long to investigate, request far too many documents, and delay analyzing the documents after they obtain them so that months pass before a decision is made on the property loss. This is not proper and not in the spirit of good faith claims service all condominiums are promised and deserve to receive. I sometimes wish the claims managers of insurance companies were Association Board members who received incessant requests from other members asking—“Why is it taking so long for the insurance company to make a decision and pay?”  

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One of the most daunting tasks in submitting an insurance claim is the production of documents. Most insurance policies have language similar to the following:

The insured, as often as may be reasonably required, shall produce for examination all writing, books of account, bills, invoices and other vouchers or certified copies thereof if originals be lost, at such reasonable time and place as may be designated by the company or its representatives, and shall permit extracts and copies thereof to be made.

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