Florida Statute § 718.111(4) gives condominium associations the power to make and collect assessments to “lease, maintain, repair, and replace the common elements of association property.” Typically, if common areas owned by condominium associations are damaged or destroyed, the associations may seek to have each of the individual unit owners pay for a portion of the damage. If the loss is one that the association is insured against, the association may still assess unit owners for any costs or liabilities other than what is recovered from the insurance claim.Continue Reading Florida Law Requires Loss Assessment Coverage for Condominium Unit Owner Policies

In my last blog post, June 1st Is The First Day Of Hurricane Season, I discussed the importance of an association checking to make sure that policies are in effect and contain the proper coverages before disaster strikes. It is equally important to make sure that the information in the insurance application is correct. Otherwise, insurers may attempt to deny even the most obvious of covered losses.Continue Reading Errors In Insurance Applications May Leave You With No Coverage