Property managers and condominium leaders will face an issue after Hurricane Matthew becoming all too recurrent following catastrophes—slow and underpaying property insurance carriers. While partial payments for small percentage amounts of easily agreed to damages are often made, full payment made within 90 to 120 days is almost non-existent with significant losses. Who can wait for that long to start substantial repairs?Continue Reading Property Managers’ and Condominium Association Leaders’ Hurricane Matthew Dilemma – Financing the Repair Before the Insurance Company Pays

In a previous post, Failing to Obtain Regular Appraisals Can Hurt Associations After A Large Loss, I wrote about the negative effect that a coinsurance provision can have on an association’s ability to recover after a large loss. Equally as problematic, almost all policies issued in Florida contain a separate deductible which applies only in the event of hurricane damage. Instead of a small deductible, most “Hurricane Deductibles” are based on a percentage of the policy limits. These deductibles vary, depending on the policy and the association’s choices when purchasing the policy, and they can rise as high as 10%.Continue Reading Is Your Hurricane Deductible and Coinsurance Provision Enforceable?