The coverages, limitations, exclusions and exceptions to exclusions buried in all those pages of property insurance policies can leave your head spinning when trying to make sense of it all. It can feel like trying to navigate through a complicated maze or fit all of the pieces of an intricate puzzle together without forcing them. This was demonstrated recently in a federal case from the Northern District of Florida, Bartram, LLC v. Landmark American Insurance Company, 2012 WL 1072207 (N.D. Fla. March 30, 2012).Continue Reading Insurance Policies And The Exception To Exclusion Can Feel Like Trying To Fit The Pieces Of An Intricate Puzzle Together….Without Forcing Them

“All Risk” policies generally contain a plethora of exclusions that limit or bar coverage for many types of damage. For instance, if a loss is caused by wear and tear, deterioration or improper installation, many policies will specifically exclude payment. Fortunately for some, many commercial and residential insurance policies contain ensuing loss clauses that may afford coverage for damages resulting from one of these perils.Continue Reading Policyholders Should Know About Ensuing Loss Provisions