One of the largest potential exposures that association property managers and board of directors face is underinsuring property. If a significant loss happens and there is not enough insurance, they can potentially become liable for errors and omissions claims by owners damaged as a result of their malfeasance.
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I am always amazed at the willingness of some unit owners to run for a board of directors. I am even more impressed when they choose to do it for a second, third, or fourth time. Being a director is not easy. Undoubtedly, a faction of the association will disagree with the board and will make their opinions known. Sometimes this leads to contentious situations that can drive a wedge between friends and neighbors.Continue Reading Am I Personally Liable Simply For Being A Director?

A few weeks ago, Corey Harris and I briefly wrote about liability that can fall back on the insured in our respective posts, Errors in Insurance Application May Leave You with No Coverage and More on Errors in Insurance Applications. This week, presents a situation in which liability may fall back on the insurance agent. Similar to the situations mentioned the posts above, an insurance agent may be liable for errors in an insurance application, for giving improper insurance advice, or negligently failing to procure insurance for a customer. The laws vary from state to state, but generally insurance agents owe a duty to their customers, that, if breached, could make an insurance agent liable for resulting harm.Continue Reading Liability on the Insurance Agent