A statute of limitations serves to restrict access to the courts after a specified amount of time has passed. The reasons for such are many, but the underlying principle is simply that if you wait too long, you give up the opportunity to resolve your issue with the courts. The statute of limitations is created by the legislature, but the parties to a contract can also agree to limit the time to bring an action before a court of law. When this happens, a question often arises as to which controls, the statute or the contract.Continue Reading New Changes to Florida Property Insurance Statute of Limitations

Your first impression after reading the title of this article may be: “well that is obvious since there are residents that live within condominium associations.” Condominium claims are sometimes referred to simply as commercial claims when, in fact, they are classified by Florida Statute as “residential.”Continue Reading Insurance Coverage Provided By The Condominium Association To Condominium Property Is Considered Residential Insurance Coverage