As I mentioned last Friday in Hurricane Expert Revises Prediction, experts are predicting one “hell of a year” for hurricanes. While the Atlantic has not picked up yet, we have already seen the effects of Tropical Storm Agatha, which killed over 100 people in Central America and caused a large amount of property damage. This should be a wakeup call to complacent associations and should encourage those who have not begun preparing for a potential storm to do so.Continue Reading June 1st Is The First Day Of Hurricane Season: Is Your Association Prepared?

While most people don’t pay close attention to the hurricane forecasts each year, in my business, one would be foolish not to. Yes, the forecasts for the past few years have suggested that the Atlantic hurricane seasons would be very active. And yes, these reports have turned out to be incorrect. So why do I take the time to check these predictions? The answer is simple, it helps me advise clients on the risks associated with hurricanes and helps me to motivate people to check their coverage.Continue Reading Hurricane Expert Revises Prediction: “Looks Like a Hell of a Year”