Public insurance adjusters play an important role for many policyholders, both commercial and residential, after a loss occurs. By all accounts, policyholders that retain the services of public adjusters generally obtain larger settlements from their insurance companies and often are able to avoid problems that could delay the claim.Continue Reading Florida Ban On Public Adjuster Solicitation Ruled Unconstitutional

It is no secret that association board members, for the most part, have no formal training in dealing with insurance issues. In fact, neither do most association managers. While an association or manager can deal with a small claim without help, claims involving widespread damage or confusing policy issues often require outside help.Continue Reading Can Your Association Recover Public Adjuster Fees From An Insurer?

In Can a Condo Association Get Out of an Insurance Settlement Agreement? Jeremy Tyler discussed a recent California case involving a homeowner association’s challenge of an insurance settlement agreement. He provided an analysis into the factors an association would need to consider when attempting to challenge an insurance settlement agreement. Challenging such a settlement, even if based upon fraudulent inducement, can be a difficult decision for an association to make since, as Jeremy discussed, they may have to return the payment they did receive from the insurer. The facts in the case of Village Northridge Homeowners Ass’n v. State Farm Fire and Cas. Co., 237 P.3d 598 (Cal. 2010), where the policyholder alleged that the insurance company represented that the policy provided only $4.9 million worth of coverage when it in fact it provided $11.9 million, is very problematic and troubling.Continue Reading Florida Ethical Concerns Surrounding Insurance Settlement Agreements