As I was driving through Dallas this week I noticed more and more roofing companies advertising help with hail damage claims. Anyone who has been involved in property claims in Texas knows that roofing contractors are a common sight. In fact, Texas seems to have more roofing contractors involved in claims than any other state.Continue Reading Texas Moves to Limit the Role of Roofing Contractors

(*Note: This guest blog is by Steven M. Thomas, President of Roof Leak Detection Company, Inc., a Certified Testing Laboratory located in South Florida which specializes in testing and consulting services for commercial and industrial properties).

On numerous occasions I’ve had the unfortunate burden of informing building owners that their roofing system is no longer repairable and must be replaced. This revelation, that the roof must be replaced, becomes a big surprise when the tenants of the building report that the roof is not even leaking. “How can that be?” is usually the first question that is asked. Why must it be replaced!?Continue Reading If a Roof Doesn’t Leak, is it Damaged?