As Merlin attorney Jonathan Bukowski previously discussed, the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) sets forth specific minimum insurance requirements for common interest communities, such as condominiums and homeowners associations (HOAs). These requirements are designed to ensure that common elements and, in some cases, individual units are adequately insured. Continue Reading Colorado’s FAIR Plan Expands Safety Net for At-Risk Properties 

On May 17 of this year, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 408, which, among other things, shortened the statute of limitations for property insurance claims in Florida to five years from the date of the loss. Under the earlier Florida Statutes § 95.11 and § 95.031, the statute of limitations did not expire until five years after a property insurer had breached the insurance policy. The Senate Bill 408 change came roughly five and a half years after Hurricane Wilma destroyed an enormous amount of Florida property, and the change left many questioning whether they could still seek redress for these claims.Continue Reading More Confusion of Florida’s Statute of Limitations for Property Insurance Claims

A new legislative season is upon us in Florida. This usually means big changes to Florida condominium law and Florida condominium insurance law. Some of 2010’s big legislative changes to condominium insurance in Florida can be found in my posts from last June, New Changes to Condominium Insurance Legislation and More on New Changes to Condominium Insurance Legislation.Continue Reading New Bills Before the Florida Legislature Could Change Florida Condominium Insurance Law

(Note: this guest blog is by Jeremy Tyler, an attorney with Merlin Law Group in the Coral Gables office).

I am very excited to have the opportunity to contribute to this blog. Shaun Marker and I will be contributing to the Condominium Insurance Law Blog each Monday. Please check back frequently, as we have a lot to discuss.

For starters, in the recent legislative session, the Florida Legislature made numerous changes to Florida Statute § 718.111, which regulates condominium associations. For this blog, I’ll focus on the changes the Florida Legislature made to § 718.111(11) that deals with condominium insurance.Continue Reading New Changes to Condominium Insurance Legislation