The last thing a person wants after a long day of traveling is to be evacuated from his hotel room and herded into a basement hallway filled with dated furniture that likely hasn’t seen the light of day in a decade. When traveling to the central states this time of year, however, this scenario is not uncommon.Continue Reading Wind, Hail, and Hotel Basements: Insurance Companies in the Heartland Will be Busy

The devastating tornados that ripped through portions of southeast this month have already led to over sixty thousand claims filed in Alabama alone. While many automatically think of condominium associations as the high-rise vacation destinations along the Gulf Coats, many condominium associations and HOA’s are located throughout the states. In Alabama, some of the worst hit areas around Birmingham and Tuscaloosa have some of the highest concentrations of condominiums in the state.Continue Reading Alabama Tornado Claims Hits Sixty-Five Thousand

(Note: This Guest Blog is by Steven M. Thomas, president of Roof Leak Detection Company, Inc., a Certified Testing Laboratory located in South Florida which specializes in testing and consulting services for commercial and industrial properties).

Severe weather events such as tornados can result in significant property damage. Structural damage can take many forms – some are obvious and others are less visible. But they can all present significant safety risks and must be identified and addressed immediately.Continue Reading Discerning Tornado Damage After A Storm